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        • Xin Pinjia blend oil (no carton) (20L)

        • Xinpinjia Soybean Oil (without carton) (20L)

        • Xin Pin Jia Pure White Sesame Oil (1L)

        • Xinpinjia Pure White Sesame Oil (500ml)

        ABOUT US

        Company Profile

        Xiamen Pinjia Trading Co.,Ltd was established in March 2001. It mainly deals in medium and high-grade Chinese food seasoning, western food ingredients and various dry goods, frozen foods and high-end drinks. With its strict and effective management system, the company develops steadily and healthily. It has dozens of transportation vehicles with various needs and a storage area of 20,000 square meters. It has a large-scale emergency freezer and fresh-keeping cold storage, which provides good products for our company. Keep the equipment.



        • Wuyishan Yuehua Hotel

        • Jinjiang Baolong Hotel

        • Quanzhou Yuehua Hotel

        • Xianglu Grand Hotel

        • Sheraton Grand Hotel